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3 Disc 21 – The Stupid Game

The goal is to get 21 points. Rules Everyone shoots in the same order, announcing their score before they shoot. Whoever is the button holder picks the shot position and throws first and each person must be the button holder in order. Each person makes three throws and adds the total points scored to their total. The majority can overrule your shot position forcing you to rechoose. Points Basket = +3 points Chain banger = +2 points Off the basket, top = +1 point Below the basket (pole – stand) = -1 point 3 Baskets = 10 points Penalties At the end of the round if your score total is: = 13 you go back to 7 = greater than 21 you go back to 12. More than 1 person has 21 in at the end of a round, they all go back to 12.

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