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1 Vs 1

The 1v1 game is one of my favorite games/drills within disc golf to improve your putting. It was shown to me by a couple of very good disc golfers as a way to get better at putting and enjoy a cool little game while you’re hanging out with other people. It can be highly competitive, which can be a great thing for you as you develop and improve the specifics of your disc golf mechanics. Or it can be a chill little improvement game while you drink a few beers with your buddies.

In this game, it is you versus everyone else that is playing. While you can play with more than two players, it is recommended as a one player versus a second player game (1v1). There are actually two ways to play as well. If you’re not as good at putting, start with two discs at around five feet from the basket. You and the other guy playing have two putts to make one putt. If you both make at least one, move back five feet. Throw again. As long as both of you make at least one disc, move back five feet. First person to miss both will lose the game. If both players miss, first to make the next shot will win.

The harder version requires you to make both putts to move back. As long as both discs are made, move back five feet. First player to miss a putt loses. It can be tough as you move out to 30 feet or more, but it will train you to be competitive and to make longer putts with ease. Give this one a try!

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