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Disc Golf expands in Hyde Park with Wednesday meetings in Nichols Park

Seasoned and newbie disc golfers convene by the Nichols Park tennis courts every Wednesday night from 5:30pm-8:30pm, throwing frisbees (called discs in the sport) into a basket from various distances. They are part of the newly founded non-profit Hyde Park Disc Golf’s (HPDG) regular Summer Putting Series, and they are working to bring the sport to the community.

The game is just like golf, except instead of hitting balls, players throw discs, and instead of holes, there are baskets attached to poles. The baskets have metal chains that interrupt the flight of the discs. As with golf irons, discs vary in weight and shape, with “putter” discs being used for short distances and heavier “driver” discs being used for longer throws. There are many more casual versions of the game that consist simply of throwing discs into the basket and tallying points in various ways. Read More…

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